How Do I Get The “Grit” Off My Vegetables?

Some CSA members are asking how to get the dirt and grit off of fruits and vegetables.  For some, rinsing in water just doesn’t feel enough.  Some of our recent CSA produce has come with excessive dirt due to heavy rain last month.

Yael T. spoke to the Whole Foods Director of Marketing who recommends using a Fruit/Vegetable wash to get produce thoroughly clean.  Spray washes can be found in the produce section of the market.  The following brands are sold at Whole Foods and are listed in order of popularity:
1. Veggie Wash- fruit and Vegetable wash (made by Good Housekeeping). The main ingredients are corn, citrus and coconut oils.
2. Earth Friendly Product
3. Organicly Clean
4. Eat Cleaner- a new product at Whole Foods

Why use a wash?
It is difficult to know what has come into contact with our produce before it reaches the kitchen table.  Yael T. did some research for us and found that over 80% of all produce world-wide has surface pesticide residue. The remaining 20% or so are organically grown produce, which should still be washed to insure safety. Other unwanted contaminants from handling, such as human perspiration, oils, dirt and exhaust fumes from shipping, also need to be washed away.  A cleaning spray helps neutralize pesticide reside and releases organic matter stuck to the produce, according to Daniel Zielaski at  Even your CSA produce  should still be washed and using a cleaner can remove the grit and any possible little bugs that are on your fruits/veggies.

How do I make my own wash?
It’s easy and economical to make your own produce wash at home with common household ingredients.  Here’s a produce wash recipe from Daniel Zielaski at
1 cup organic apple vinegar
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup cold water
small spray bottle
small funnel

Pour 1 cup organic apple vinegar into a large mixing bowl.
Pour 1 cup lemon juice into bowl containing organic apple vinegar.
Pour 1 cup cold water into previous mixture.
Gently transfer the mixture into a small spray bottle using a small funnel.
Liberally apply to produce.
Wash gently in cold water prior to consumption.
For more information visit: How to Make An All Natural Vegetable Wash |

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One Response to How Do I Get The “Grit” Off My Vegetables?

  1. Arnold says:

    Why not white vinegar? It’s cheaper & cleans very well.

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