Ingredient Spotlight on “Black Radish”

Black Radish is a rare and wonderful root vegetable that is a tasty addition to many recipes.  This vegetable is hard to find, even at farmers’ markets.  We are fortunate to have black radish in our CSA produce box.

Black radish is the color of coal on the outside and white on the inside.  It is usually peeled before cooking or eating.  It is similar to a turnip or horseradish with a slightly bitter taste and can range from mild to pungent.

Remove the green tops of the black radishes and store them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag for up to several weeks.  A fresh radish is firm, crisp and unblemished.

Cooking Ideas:
 There are many ways to enjoy black radishes.  They are delicious grated into salads, used as a condiment for sandwiches,  made into baked radish chips, roasted with other root vegetables, sauteed or mashed.  Cooking them tempers the bitterness as does soaking in salted water.  Finely grated black radish can be soaked in salted water for about 1 hour;  then rinsed and drained with the extra moisture squeezed out.  If you use a recipe that calls for raw black radish,  be sure to grate or slice finely.

One of Yael’s favorite ways to enjoy black radish is in sandwiches.  She notes that it is common in Europe and at the local restaurant Le Pain Quotidien to serve open-faced sandwiches topped with very thinly sliced radishes.  She loves the way radishes can balance out the flavors in a sandwich like smoked salmon and cream cheese or roast beef.  She also enjoys black radish finely grated in a salad with crisp greens and a sweet vinaigrette dressing.

We hope you enjoy the following black radish recipes which we have added to our recipe index.  Please add a comment at the bottom of a recipe to let us know what you think.
Roast Beef Sandwich with Black Radish Mayo

Winter Salad with Black Radish, Apple, and Escarole

Black Radish Salad

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