What has the CSA Experience Been Like For You?

We asked our participants to tell us about their experiences with the CSA produce box.  Here are some of the responses:

From Jacqui R. of the nursery school:
Our family looks forward to opening the produce box to see what new fruits and vegetables we are getting. Within minutes my kids gobble up the strawberries, which have the most amazing flavor. The carrots are sweet and delicious, and my kids have enjoyed eating the purple and orange carrots raw.

I have loved eating and experimenting with new kinds of greens. Often, I sauté the greens in a little olive oil with some of the green onions that come in the box. I squeeze half a lemon into the greens, a sprinkle of salt and then add a few nuts or some red chili flakes. Yummy!  Now we look forward to discovering new and delicious produce as the seasons change.

From Alex and Denise B. of the elementary school:
We really enjoy having the CSA box every week. The food is always fresh. I think it is very important to start this program to get the temple community using more organic foods and becoming more conscious about healthy eating. It is also an opportunity to try some new vegetables that we would normally not buy. Our family really values organic foods and what this means for the community and for the world. It is important to support local farmers.

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