May 24, 2011

CSA Participants: Please complete our brief survey.

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In The Last Box of the Spring Subscription:

The CSA box for Tuesday, May 24th has the following organic, farm-fresh produce:

Forrono Beets
Fava Beans
Romaine Lettuce
Green Dandelion
Firecracker Lettuce
Black Radish

Juicing with Kindergarten Teacher BMG

BMG is well-known around school for having a fun classroom and for inspiring a love of learning in his students.  He is also known for being an organic foods enthusiast and for being a regular juicer.  We are lucky that he is sharing some of his favorite juice recipes with us.  Your kids will love the juices even more if they know they are drinking BMG’s favorites.   BMG suggests, “please use only organic ingredients for the following drinks and juice daily, l’chaim!”
Spicy Green Lemonade
BMG’s Carrot Beet Juice
Super V-8 Vegetable Juice

What’s Your Experience With the CSA Box?

Here are some responses from CSA participants:

An excerpt from Jacqui R. of the nursery school:
Our family looks forward to opening the produce box to see what new fruits and vegetables we are getting. Within minutes my kids gobble up the strawberries, which have the most amazing flavor.

An excerpt from Alex and Denise B. of the elementary school:
The CSA box is an opportunity to try some new vegetables that we would normally not buy…. Also, it is important to support local farmers.

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Pesto Sauce: a quick, healthy dinner

Any leafy green vegetable can quickly be whipped up into a pesto sauce.  The variations are endless; you can make it spicy, fresh, nutty, earthy, cheesy, smoky, or savory.  Pesto is not just for pasta.  You can use it on top of soups, on sandwiches, root vegetable crostinis, pizzas, risotto, fish, chicken, or steak.  If you have any leftover pesto sauce, you can use it in another dish later in the week.  Store pesto sauce in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator for up to a week.  Try one of these great recipes below which are easy and a great way of using simple ingredients that taste delicious!- By Yael
Dandelion Pesto

Pasta with Cannellini-Spinach Pesto

Eggplant, Pesto, and Goat-Cheese Pizza
Grilled Salmon with Cilantro-Pecan Pesto
Arugula Pesto

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